Our Full Livery Prices

Full livery £138.60/week (£600.60/month)

Rehabilitation Livery £138.60/week, instead of turnout, daily grooming is included.

Foal at foot is an extra £70/week

Additional extras include:

  • Haylage £10/week
  • Steamed (HAYGAIN) £10/week
  • Woodchip (2 bales/week) £10/week


Ridden Extras (all subject to VAT)

  • Lunging £5
  • Hacking £10
  • Schooling or Jumping £15

Care Extras (all subject to VAT)

  • Clipping – £20 bib and half head

£30 Blanket, Chaser + hunter with half head

£45 Full clip with full head and legs

  • Trimming – £15 Mane pulled and tail trimmed

£10 Mane pulled

£5 Tail trimmed and thinned

  • Plaiting – £10 Mane in bands

£15 Mane in Thread

£15 Mane and Tail plaited (bands)

  • Tack Cleaning- £15 Saddle and Briddle

£20 Fully taken to pieces + oiled etc

£10 per additional bridle

  • Hunt Service – Have your horse ready to hunt/compete £30

(includes Tack Cleaned, Plaited, Groomed, feet oiled and ready to load)


Trailer Parking £10/month

Lorry Parking £20/month

All vehicles and belongings are stored securely but are done so at your own risk and not the responsibility of Wood Farm.


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